About The BHA

Beverly Housing Authority provides housing assistance to low income residents through the management of HUD programs such as Low Rent Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Program – Section 8, and State programs such as State Public Housing and the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program. These programs are income based and the eligibility guidelines are set by HUD or DHCD, respectively. There may be waiting lists for rentals or vouchers and at times the lists may close to new applicants based on the size of and length of wait on the lists. If you are in need of housing assistance in the area please contact the Housing Authority directly to obtain more information about eligibility requirements, availability of rentals or vouchers, the status of any waiting lists and their application procedures.

Our Properties

Address   Units State/Federal Program
20 Sohier Road 100 Federal 44-1
Chestnut Park 18 Federal 44-2
66 Herrick Street 12 State 667-1
45 Balch Street 25 State 667-2
Kelleher Road 54 State 667-3
Cedar Street 50 State 667-4
245 Essex Street 50 State 667-5
77 Sohier Road 47 State 667-6
22 Federal Street 57 State 667-7
137 Bridge Street 30 State 667-8

Beverly Housing Authority (BHA) is committed to providing a full-range of safe, secure, suitable, and appropriate affordable housing opportunities to extremely low, very-low and moderate-income family, elderly, and disabled households in a fair manner. The BHA is committed to assisting all residents who are moving from welfare-to-work with affordable housing opportunities that do not act as a disincentives to economic advancement. We are committed to deconcentrating poverty within its conventional public housing developments and attempting to provide and support wider access to affordable housing opportunities throughout the entire community. The BHA is committed to fair and non-discriminatory practices throughout all of its housing programs and activities.

Housing Applications


You can now pay your rent online via the link below. This is only available for Public Housing residents (not Section 8 or MRVP).



Income Limits

Net Household Income Limits for State-Aided Family Housing


Annual Report

Admin Staff

Debra Roy
Executive Director
(978) 922-3100 x131
Dawn Goodwin
Chief Operating Officer
(978) 922-3100 x112
Bruce McCarrier
Director of Facilities
(978) 922-3100 x117
Lisa Gallagher
Director of Finance & Admin

(978) 922-3100 x120

Tricia Myers
Director of Public Housing

(978) 922-3100 x104

Deanna L. Atwood
Director of Leased Housing
(978) 922-3100 x109


Justine Colby
Leased Housing Coordinator (HCV)
(978) 922-3100 x107
Nancy Diaz
State Public Housing Coordinator

(978) 922-3100 x105

Crystal Lingel
Maintenance Administrative Assistant

(978) 922-3100 x113

Urbain Giossi
Federal Public Housing Coordinator/Lease Violation Inspector

(978) 922-3100 x106

Laurie Kashef
State Public Housing Coordinator

(978) 922-3100 x103

Lisa Medeiros
CHAMP and FPH Waitlist Coordinator
(978) 922-3100 x102
Banesa Mercado
Leased Housing Coordinator (HCV/MRVP)
(978) 922-3100 x108
Kris Scanzani
Legal Assistant
(978) 922-3100 x110
Ana Velasquez
(978) 922-3100 x101
Kathlyn Valianti
Resident Service Coordinator

for all State Public Housing Residents

(339) 225-5492

Mixed Population Coordinator

for State Public Housing Residents in senior housing.

Board of Commissioners

Thomas Bussone
Kevin Kelly
Vice Chair
Nancy Marino
Kevin Ascolillo
Asst. Treasurer
Janice Wanchik

Latest News

Job Openings

None at this time, please check back soon!

Contruction Procurement Opportunities

IFB: Garden City Towers Roof Replacement
For a list of other construction procurement opportunities please visit http://www.rcatnortheast.com/Bids.aspx

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Saturday – Closed
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Main: 978-922-3100
Fax: 978-921-2121

Maintenance 24/7: 978-922-1803

137R Bridge Street
Beverly, MA 01915